Virtual Classes
Offer more variety and increase utilization of your indoor cycling room with scheduled virtual classes
Stages Flight Studio
Full Studio Environment with Stages Flight
Flight Group Performance
Small Group Training focused on performance minded cyclists with training for specific goals
Flight Racing and Challenges
Use Flights GPS real ride features to have the class racing in teams or individually. You can even set challenges against other clubs or facilities
Flight Intensity Rides
Have all your riders do an intensity ride that is set up for their own personal abilities
Global Leaderboards
Benchmark your abilities against the global flight population
GPS Challenges
Ride some of the worlds most famous road races
Challenge the Class
Divide your class into teams and let the competition begin
Instructor Dashboard
The instructor dashboard that controls the flight experience
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SIMPLE: select ride type from club list and start class


VISUALIZE exactly how each participant is performing during the ride


RIDER FTP (actual or estimated) already loaded on the bikes pre-class


DEDICATED instructor panel to control visual experience


Instructor AUTO-CUE system,  prompts you with what’s coming up in the ride and what music is playing next


Full CONTROL over what data the participants see during class including graphics, gauges and rider zoom features





Stages Cycling are the word's number 1 power meter manufacturer in the world and supply the world's top racers and teams but our development team have over 20 years experience designing group indoor cycles and implementing successful group cycling experiences. We know how to design and build durable product that can sustain the demands of the toughest indoor studios.



Since the indoor bike launch in 2015 and already have some of the world's top gym operators and boutique studio owners using Stages Indoor Bikes for performance training, intensity based classes, party on a bike, virtual classes and instructor freestyle sessions 

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Stages Flight Studio

Full Studio Environment with Stages Flight