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The First Rhythm-Based Cycling Instructor Certification

The Fun, Fitness and Facts of riding to the Beat

Stages BEATS is the industry-leading music-minded certification, combining musicality with coaching skills. Learn to effectively ride to the beat, discover the science of human body movement and how to mix music, emotion and powerful communication to create unforgettable experiences.

You do not need a bike to complete this course. 






Virtual cycling instructor certification

Get certified from the comfort of home with all new virtual certifications 

All virtual certifications offer a hybrid model that gives you the convenience of our home study online certification, paired with the interaction and practical application of a live discussion with a Stages Master Educator. Each course is limited to only 10 spots so that each attendee receives the attention they need for success.


The best music-based cycling certification

Ellen N, 2021

The Stages Cycling University master instructors are energetic, enthusiastic, and full of great ideas and impeccable cueing to take your classes to another level!

Kaleigh C, 2021

I love the passion and open-mindedness of Stages ideals, while still keeping safety and effectiveness a top priority in the wild wild west of the indoor cycling world. Thank you again for the extremely informative and interactive BEATS certification!

Robert L, 2021

The instructors are top notch, information is presented well, and the rides are full of good techniques and tips.

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What you get when you register

With your course registration, you'll receive: 

  • 8+ hours of online course content, including videos, class templates and more

  • 4-hour virtual campus with a Stages Cycling Master Educator

    • Adding Movement: C.A.S.E. Paradigm discussion

    • Drills 4 Thrills: Easy Programming for Success (Long vs. Short Intervals, HIIT vs. SIT; Loops, Ladders & Pyramids)

    • Music that Moves (Music Theory 101, Tempo-driven vs. Feel-driven, music sources, and practical application examples)

    • Set the Stage: from Workout to Experience

    • Q&A and final roundtable 

  • 8 Continuing Education Credits

  • Certificate of Completion


Continue your instructor journey 

Where to go from here

Are you ready for the next level? Check out Stages ONE or Stages POWER certifications to continue your education and expertise as a certified indoor cycling instructor!