Q: I just registered! Now what?

A: Whoohoo! You will receive welcome emails from Stages within a business day with everything you need to know to get ready for October.

Q: I have not yet received my password reset email.

A: Check your junk or spam folder in your inbox. You're looking for email from StagesStudio (stagesstudio@stagescycling.com) and it could take a few minutes to arrive.  

Q: I'd like to adjust my profile information, edit my email notification settings, and set my FTP. Where do I accomplish this?

A: You'll need to adjust your profile settings from a web browser, rather than the app. Here is the direct link: https://stagescloud.com/settings/account  Use the link to update your settings, then view the classes in the app. 


Q: What if I don’t have a bike?

A: Most of the SPARK cycling offerings have an intensity plan at the bottom that could easily translate to the treadmill, elliptical or any piece of stationary cardio equipment. However, there are numerous modalities offered all throughout the month; yoga, Pilates, strength training classes (with and without) equipment, and stretching. All of which provide numerous fitness, health and wellness benefits.


Q: What if I don’t have a bike with a power meter?

A: No problem! While we love power meters at Stages, we also understand that many people don’t yet have one on their indoor or outdoor bikes. For this reason, our skilled instructors will also cue to rate of perceived exertion as it relates to power and color. Power is optional. Self-assessing the perceived difficulty of an interval or a song is a great way to ensure you are keeping your intensity inline with your capabilities that day as well as the prescribed plan. But if you need a bike with a power meter, we know people.


Q: What if I don’t have a heart rate strap?

A: Monitoring heart rate (and power for that matter) are totally optional. We provide the ability within the app for people to pair external devices such as heart rate monitors and power meters via bluetooth to their devices. Heart rate is a nice secondary metric to have especially if you are tracking HR in a secondary application (MyZone, TrainingPeaks, Strava). However, for the purposes of SPARK instructors will not be leading classes based on heart rate intensity zones.


Q: I don't see my power meter in the StagesStudio Now app, available for pairing. I can't pair my power meter!

A: Your power meter is paired via Bluetooth connection, which is one to one, meaning it can only pair to one device. If your bike has a console, be sure the console is OFF before pairing the power meter to the app. If you have a Stages Solo bike, unplug the bike so the tablet display is off, then pair the power meter to the StagesStudio Now app. If you use the Stages Flight app, log out of that app then pair your power meter to the StagesStudio Now app.

Q: I usually use the Stages Flight app to see my power zones. Can I use the StagesStudio Now app simultaneously?

A: The StagesStudio Now app will give you your power zones in a plan at the bottom of the screen. If you pair your power meter to the app before class starts, not only will you see the plan of the workout (like our group display of Stages Flight) but it will give you your live gauge on the bottom left! Just be sure that you have added your FTP to your profile on stagescloud.com or take a class with an FTP calculation in the warm up.

Q: What kinds of classes can I expect to take?

A: We are excited to offer a wide variety of modalities so that all SPARK registrants can participate in our event. Throughout the month of October expect classes ranging from : cycling, yoga, Pilates, strength training classes (with and without) equipment, and stretching. All of which provide numerous fitness, health and wellness benefits. Participants will even get to see different ‘flavors’ within those categories based on the specialties of our instructors and our featured customer’s classes.


Q: Are there any beginner classes?

A: All classes provide modification options for intensity. You’re the boss! These classes are designed to provide benefits to all; ranging from new exercises to fitness pros.


Q: What if there is a class I want to take but it’s not offered at a time that I can do it?

A: Think of the classes offered during SPARK just like the timetable at a traditional club or studio. Classes are offered at specific times and days. That said, due to the nature of our global audience we are offering classes 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the month of October! If there is a class that you are interested in, but it is not available at your preferred workout time, review upcoming days and time slots as most classes will repeat at least 6 times throughout the month.

Q: How can I sign up to get daily emails if I didn’t choose that option during registration?

A: Email us to change your preferences! sparkteam@stagesindoorcycling.com

Q: How can I donate more money to the World Bicycle Relief?

A: GREAT QUESTION! The more you learn about this fantastic organization and their life-giving work, the more you want to give, right? We will keep donation options open even once event registration has closed. Check back to the SPARK event page

Q: Are the classes on demand? Can I do classes whenever I want?

A: To preserve the class experience (and to keep you accountable to your workout!) we only offer scheduled classes. We offer classes on the hour, every hour, every day? Wow!


Q: What kind of indoor cycling classes are you offering? How will I know if I’m choosing the correct one for me?

A: We recognize that there are many sub-preferences when it comes to indoor cycling. For that reason, we offer 3 different varieties of cycling class options: Coach (power-based training), Beats (rhythm experience), and Mix (a hybrid of the both Coach and Beats). Each Cycle class will be labeled on the schedule accordingly. In addition to this, all the sub categories will be offered as instructor led rides as well as options for visual entertainment in an exer-gaming format.


Q: How long are the classes? Will each class on the calendar state how long it is so I can plan accordingly?

A: The majority of cycling classes will be 45 minutes. Options range from 15-45 minutes for most classes, with the majority being 30 or 45 minutes. All class duration are clearly labeled on each class.


Q: Is there a community available to me where I can meet and interact with people who are also participating in Spark?

A: Yes! We love camaraderie too! There is a private Facebook Spark Team that you’ll have access to, to compare notes, talk about classes, ask additional questions to our admins, and just, …well you know, connect!

Q: If I fall in love with taking classes on the app, how can I continue with my new routine? How do I keep this Spark alive??

A: The StagesStudio Now app you use to access content will be commercially available this fall! Speak with your favorite local studio or gym. If you are a studio owner, please reach out to our team to learn more or fill in this form to begin a conversation!

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